PhytoCellTec technology

The 4 products in this range combat the signs of ageing by using advanced PhytoCellTec technology as the main active ingredient. PhytoCellTec technology boosts the human stem cells performance in order to achieve younger, healthier looking skin. Malvina Skincare Products are not currently available in North America

  • £60.00

    Anti-aging Beauty Mask

    100ml A creamy rinse-off facial mask, formulated with the innovative PhytoCellTec technology for a younger and healthier look. This excellent mask contains Renovate - a comprehensive active ingredient that fights against all signs of aging and Matrixes 3000 with a strong wrinkle-decrease effect... read more
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  • £55.00

    Deep and Purifying Cleansing Gel

    250ml Exceptionally effective cleansing gel, formulated with natural substances and without foaming chemicals, such as S.L.S or S.L.E.S. It cleanses the skin thoroughly, balances its' oiliness and protects it from losing moisture. read more
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  • £75.00

    Eye Lifting Serum

    30ml This revolutionary eye lifting serum has been developed to provide a long lasting lifting effect by reflecting light to achieve a healthy glow. This reduces the appearance of lines by tightening the skins surface on application and therefore helps ageing skin to fight against sagging read more
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  • £75.00

    Rejuvenating Eye Cream

    30ml The eye area is the first area to show signs of aging on our face and it should receive special treatment. This cream works overnight while the body is at rest and is at its most susceptible to repair, acting to decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You're one step further towards younger looking skin read more
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  • £96.00

    Firming face serum

    50ml This innovative face serum provides an added barrier in the fight against skin aging and will give you an instant visible glow. It works deep inside to turn back the clock and delay the signs of aging, enhancing your skins youth span read more
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  • £84.00

    Tri-Lift Anti-Ageing Cream

    50ml A moisturising cream targeting the signs of ageing using plant stem cell technology. A one-stop anti-ageing cream, targeting all the elementary signs of ageing enabling you to achieve a younger, smoother more luminous complexion read more
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