“Texture, application and especially for me smell is so important. This is before you even begin to consider performance! Malvina manages to tick all the boxes in an exceptional way.
I have thoroughly enjoyed using the products which are effective and pleasurable to use. I particularly loved the Tri Lift Anti-aging cream and found the Anti-aging Beauty Mask was brilliant after a busy week in London”

Lorna McKay – Beauty Consultant

Lorna McKay comments on Malvina Skincare Tri Lift Anti-ageing cream
“Malvina has been treating my skin since I was 18 with amazing results. Gentle, expert and personalised. I can’t recommend her and her products enough!”

Olivia Cooke Actress

“Malvina’s advanced laser treatments are incredible !
I love her products too, I use them not only on my own skin but on all my celebrity clients before I apply their make up”

Christian Vermaak – Makeup Artist


“I feel very relaxed whenever I visit Malvina when I’m in London”

Ming Xi – Model

Ming Xi model
“I use Malvina Skincare products and I love them”

Sienna Miller – Actor

“You have to give good face during London Fashion Week, but all those late nights and early mornings can take their toll. I give my skin an extra boost with Malvina’s fantastic Tri Lift Anti Aging Cream, which is one of my favourite skin treats”

Donna Air – Designer, Writer, Model, Presenter, Actor

“Malvina is one of my secret weapons, I feel such confidence and calm when I am with her. She is really knowledgeable about skincare and has a sensible approach. Her products are really rather good, I highly recommend them, especially the Tri lift anti-ageing cream. I have been using it every day and I love the texture.”

Yasmin Le Bon – Super Model

“Malvina has looked after my skin for the last twenty years, with great results !
She has now brought out her range of skincare that has been intensively researched and so they really work !
I highly recommend them as I can see the difference since I have been using them.
Check out her range for yourself on www.malvinaskincare.com”

Mary Greenwell – International Makeup Artist

“Malvina is one of my first ports of call when I’m back in London and her treatments and products are excellent.
Her ‘Firming Face Serum’ is a must for a more perky look after long days filming and is tucked in my hand luggage as a travel essential.”

Olivia Grant – Actress


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