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Malvina Fraser

Malvina Fraser

Specialising in advanced skin rejuvenation and laser, Malvina’s ultimate goal is for her clients to achieve the best possible results. By advising and directing her clients with personal tailor made programs, her caring nature and passion for creating and mixing different treatments has become her forte read more

  • “Malvina is one of my secret weapons, I feel such confidence and calm when I am with her. She is really knowledgeable about skincare and has a sensible approach. Her products are really rather good, I highly recommend them, especially the Tri lift anti-ageing cream. I have been using it every day and I love the texture.”

    Yasmin Le Bon - super model
  • “You have to give good face during London Fashion Week, but all those late nights and early mornings can take their toll. I give my skin an extra boost with Malvina’s fantastic Tri Lift Anti Aging Cream, which is one of my favourite skin treats”

    Donna Air – Designer, Writer, Model, Presenter, Actor
  • “Malvina is one of my first ports of call when I’m back in London and her treatments and products are excellent. Her ‘Firming Face Serum’ is a must for a more perky look after long days filming and is tucked in my hand luggage as a travel essential.”

    Olivia Grant – Actress
  • “Malvina has looked after my skin for the last twenty years, with great results ! She has now brought out her range of skincare that has been intensively researched and so they really work ! I highly recommend them as I can see the difference since I have been using them.”

    Mary Greenwell – International Makeup Artist
  • “I use Malvina Skincare products and I love them”

    Sienna Miller - Actor

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